District Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, 1/27/12


Additional Studies for Strategic Plan

Maury Pearl will provide additional studies that should be considered for our next plan:

  1. Growth of Online Instruction Study: includes successful course completion, district-wide enrollments for all disciplines and the percentage of enrollment that is online.
  2. LACCD Exit Points Study: details where we lose students. This study reviews district-wide data for new student cohorts entering in fall 2007. Line 1 (attempted units in fall 2007) begins with 18,700 students who entered and Line 12 (completed degree or certificate) ends with the number of students who stayed with us long enough (1,621) to complete a degree or certificate disaggregated by race and ethnicity.
  3. Impact of Title 5 Course Repeatability Limitations on FTES and Student Success Study: details the impact of the new Title 5 regulations on the number of times that a student can attempt a course and the likelihood of the student’s attempt with four or more repeats.
  4. Unit Completion and Persistence Study: looks at the fall 2007 cohort of new students who attempted units (12,051) and what percent (24.3%) did not complete one single unit by the end of their first semester. Considers students who were enrolled at census.

Additional Studies for Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Website

Bradley Vaden has put up the Strategic Planning website. Please visit the LACCD home page and click on the link What’s New.” The Strategic Plan, Achieving the Dream, and the Student Success Initiative are listed together due to their alignments. Please be prepared to give feedback on what you like or don’t like about the site. I’ve also asked Bradley to add a section titled “Opportunities for Input” detailing how staff can provide us with input and will ask the Chancellor to send out the link to the website in his next Chancellor’s Update to all employees.

 Mission, Vision and Core Values

Continue review of these three important sections of the Strategic Plan and come to resolution on the changes.


Mission Vision and Core Values Revisions

Goals and Objectives

Consider strategic challenges, advantages, SWOT feedback, summative evaluation of last strategic plan (i.e. goals substantially achieved, progress make, little progress made, and District Planning recommendations to either continue or revise these goals in the next cycle). We will be joined by the District Planning Committee at 1:30 pm who will work on setting the performance metrics.


DSP 2010 Assessment Scorecard

One Response to District Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, 1/27/12

  1. Elizabeth Benne April 30, 2012 at 3:33 pm #

    I appreciate all the honest hard work that has gone into the District's strategic plan. I was at the Pierce PCC meeting last week and heard Yasmin's presentation. My one comment and concern addresses what appears to be an overisight. That is the mental health status of our students. As the health center director at Pierce, it is my biggest unmet need. We need a full-time psychologist who could over see an internship program that would increase our mental health services 100% at no cost to the general fund with a higher health fee. However, with a health fee of only $11 I cannot afford the position. With 7 of our colleges watching their health fee reserve growing, and two of us struggling because we have comprehensive services, there is little hope that our BoT would approve an increase in health fees to allow for the maximum the state currently permits ($19/$16). The physical and mental heatlh status of our students is a critical, but unrecognized, component of student success. Please include health services is this discussion. I have data from a national health needs assessment survey during the spring 2010 semester here at Pierce. The data is available upon request.

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